Who are we? GWIG – Greywater & Wastewater Industry Group

We are a group of water industry professionals who are active in the design, research, manufacture, installation and servicing of greywater and wastewater treatment systems. GWIG is a non-profit organisation which was formed in late 2010 in order to provide a united voice for a WA industry that is largely unsupported and under-acknowledged for the important work that it does.

We have developed a number of aims to enhance community awareness and increase the uptake of wastewater re-use in all its forms. These aims include, but are not limited to:

Working towards a responsible, sustainable use of water in Western Australia.

Promoting the re-use of wastewater through education, public promotions and professional development, for residential, large-scale industrial and commercial premises.

Supporting the development and testing of new and improved wastewater reuse systems.

Liaising with government departments, regulatory bodies, private companies, organisations and individuals to develop policies, programs, state and national codes, standards and legislation to support the uptake of wastewater re-use.

Monitoring and lobbying government for legislation changes, as required, of the regulatory framework to ensure the community needs and water conservation are reflected.

Contributing to the development of suitable codes and regulatory framework.

Identifying and addressing emerging issues for wastewater re-use.



Stewart Dallas
GWIG Chairperson
Murdoch University

Stewart is a founding member and Chair of GWIG since its inception. He is a qualified civil engineer and has a PhD in the field of Ecological Engineering.

He has worked for many years as both a consultant and research fellow at Murdoch University focussing on water and wastewater related projects.He has experience both nationally and internationally in the design and application of appropriate environmental technologies with a focus on constructed wetlands for wastewater treatment.

Recent projects in Perth have focussed on designing fit-for-purpose water supply schemes such as greywater, rainwater and third pipe schemes to service the non-drinking water requirements for developments across a range of scales.

Stewart is keen to see WA adopt more sustainable and innovative approaches to the way it uses water and wastewater.

Ken Higgins
GWIG Vice Chairperson
Complete Enviro Solutions

Ken is a director of Complete Enviro Solutions (CES), a Western Australian owned family business founded in 2008 that provides a unique “one-stop shop” of consulting, sales and installation in the sectors of energy and water saving initiatives.

We believe there needs to be a balance between these, which can be achieved through skilful and careful planning. Our mission is to provide sustainable products and services in an efficient and cost-effective manner to reduce the amount of energy and water consumed in residential homes and businesses.

CES has well-developed working relationships with several other individual specialists, who provide us with expertise in disciplines such as:

Rainwater harvesting
Wastewater re-use
Solar hot water
Point of use hot water
Boiling water units
Solar power systems
Water filtration
Energy efficient air conditioning

CES has supplied and installed all the rainwater systems in Landcorp’s White Gum Valley Project and consulted on the supply and installation of the greywater system installed at Bethanie’s Aged Care facility in Gwelup. CES has installed numerous other rainwater and greywater systems to individual homes as well as solar power systems including commercial applications. CES was responsible for the supply and installation of solar hot water systems to the City of Vincent.

Mark Harland
GWIG Treasurer

Water Capture
Mark has owned and operated ‘Water Capture’ since 2005.

With a background in Agricultural Business, a farm upbringing near Esperance, and a keen awareness of the environment, Mark started ‘Water Capture’ with the aim of helping people reduce their dependency on Mains water. Now based in Fremantle their focus is on Greywater systems and Rainwater Tanks.

Installations to old homes, new homes, schools, public buildings and mine sites have provided many challenges and a lot of satisfaction over the years. With a wealth of knowledge and experience and a strong connection to their suppliers and manufacturers Water Capture can provide solutions to help you with your water savings.

Dr Ross Mars
GWIG Member

Water Installations
Dr Ross Mars has had a long involvement with wastewater treatment and reuse, and he has presented papers at a number of national and international conferences, both in Australia and overseas, and has had several papers published in scientific journals. Ross has developed a number of greywater reuse strategies and technologies, and a range of approved products, and has installed these in homes and commercial premises throughout Western Australia. He also manufactures and supplies rainwater tank systems, and installs waterwise gardens, aerobic treatment units for whole-house wastewater recycling and water-sensible irrigation systems.

Besides his work in greywater and rainwater tank installations, Ross is one of the most authoritative permaculture teachers, designers and consultants in Australia, and author of four books on the subject and two DVD’s on energy efficient housing design and renewable energy systems for power generation. He has developed accredited permaculture training courses from CI right through to Diploma, and has introduced CI and CII Permaculture as VET programs in high schools.

Gareth Almond
GWIG Member

Gareth Almond has designed and installed water-saving systems in the Perth area for over 10 years. His business specialises in meticulous installations of all sizes of rainwater tank from the very small on a patio up to very large for rural properties. He particularly enjoys the more challenging work. Gareth also installs and services the AWWS range of greywater systems across the metro area for garden irrigation using household wastewater. He has developed his own suite of modelling software to help determine the most efficient water saving options and designs systems to maximise cost-benefit, which would typically include the pumped supply of rainwater back into the home. Gareth has an Honours degree in Surveying Science and spent the first part of his career doing fieldwork around the world and then as a researcher and technical manager before returning to site work in the water recycling business. He is also heavily involved in volunteer work for various organisations.
Anthony Smith
GWIG Member

Eco Wastewater Solutions
Water Wally
Anthony is a qualified Environmental Engineer, is certified in level IV Conservation and Land Management and boasts a diverse occupation history giving him a broad knowledge base and a wide range of applied skills. His passion for the environment, conservation and gardening has led him to work on many interesting, remote and self sufficient properties across Australia and abroad.

With his acquired knowledge and skills, Anthony aims to help people be more environmentally friendly with their properties and projects and in particular be more aware and pro-active with practical ways in which we can conserve, re- use and enjoy our water responsibly.

Martin Anda
GWIG Member

Murdoch University
Martin Anda is an environmental engineer with over 30 years experience in the energy, water, waste and construction sectors since completing a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) degree. After working with consulting engineering firms on large industrial energy projects, he spent 15 years working with remote indigenous communities across Australia and developing countries and completed a PhD during this time. He joined Murdoch University and became Research Manager then Director of the UNEP Environmental Technology Centre, later chairing the Environmental Engineering undergraduate program. Today he manages postgraduate researchers in a group called Environmental Engineering & Living Systems (EELS) on industry focused research projects. He conducts a range of renewable energy, water and waste related projects and teaching across Indonesia, India and Australia. Martin is an avid grey water recycler into irrigation of his home garden.
Andrew Okines
GWIG Member

Vacuum Toilets Australia
Andrew Okines is the Director of Operations for Vacuum Toilets Australia.
Mark Williams
GWIG Member

GRAF Plastics Australia
David Williams is the Managing Director of GRAF Plastics Australia.

For more than 50 years, the GRAF brand has represented high-quality plastic products. Today, we specialise in manufacturing rainwater harvesting tanks, stormwater detention systems, wastewater treatment solutions and grease separators. At GRAF, we believe in creating high-quality, sustainable and innovative water reuse solutions.

The company, which was founded in 1962 and initially sold agricultural plastic containers, has grown to become the European market leader in water management. Now, the GRAF group has a workforce of more than 450 employees, with offices all around the world.

The GreyFlow systems offer a full range of Greywater diversion products: Systems for new homes on slabs, retrofits, above and below ground installations, self cleaning systems and commercial use.

AWWS – GREYFLOW was the winner of the WA Water Award – Innovating for Sustainable Water and Environmental Outcomes in 2018. All our greywater diversion systems are watermark certified and approved in all states of Australia.

Aquarius Wastewater Systems is a privately owned Australian company based in Perth, Western Australia. We have grown to become a recognised leader in the manufacture of a comprehensive range of wastewater diversion and wastewater treatment systems. These systems are all designed by our team of specialists who are experts in the wastewater management field.
Established in 1997, EcoCare is an Australian owned family business specialising in the development, manufacture and distribution of high-performance environmentally responsible solutions for wastewater treatment, odour control and cleaning.Established in 1997, EcoCare is an Australian owned family business specialising in the development, manufacture and distribution of high-performance environmentally responsible solutions for wastewater treatment, odour control and cleaning.

Our 20 years of experience across a range of industries has helped us develop innovative solutions to specific wastewater problems that have been proven to work under the most severe Australian conditions. We’ve refined and enhanced our product solutions with the latest biotechnological advances making them highly-efficient, cost-effective and reliable.

We have an in-house team of biotechnology experts who develop our highly efficient solutions and these products are then prepared in-house and delivered to your site.

In addition to the supply of our products Australia-wide, an equally important part of our business is to provide tailored advice to a diverse range of clients regarding their operational wastewater requirements. Our consultants and technical advisers carry out individual assessments and provide tailored solutions to suit your needs.

ISO:9001:2015 quality assured, we care deeply about the quality of our products and the ongoing satisfaction of our customers.

● Established in 1997
● Manufactured and headquartered in Perth, WA
● ISO:9001:2015 Quality Assured
● Over 20 years of R&D incorporating the latest in biotechnology.
● In-house team of biochemists.
● Expertise in product development, manufacture, consultation and technical support.
● National clients include councils, mining sites, wastewater treatment plants, food processing, national parks, caravan parks, resorts, hotels, shopping centres, nursing homes, universities, schools, vineyards, agribusiness, boatyards, commercial cleaners, plumbers and wastewater consultants.

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Greywater & Wastewater Industry Group. We are a group of water industry professionals who are active in the design, research, manufacture, installation and servicing of greywater and wastewater treatment systems. GWIG is a non-profit organisation which was formed in late 2010 in order to provide a united voice for a WA industry that is largely unsupported and under-acknowledged for the important work that it does.