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Rainwater Tank Perth, Australia

Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting is the collection of rainwater from roofs for later use. Installing a rain harvesting system to supply water for flushing toilets and washing clothes, reduces your dependence on mains water. Rainwater tanks complement mains water supply infrastructure and are underutilised if water is only used for irrigation. Maximum water savings occur when rainwater is used indoors. The Perth Waterwise Action Plan calls on everyone in the community to play a role to help secure our water future and conserve our valuable drinking water resources.

The cost of supplying mains water to the community continues to increase.  The construction and maintenance of desalination plants, pipes and treatment plants is huge, and tax and ratepayers foot the bill. If we reduce our dependence on mains water, it not only saves water but also can save taxpayer funding.

If you are planning a rainwater harvesting system, then early consultation with any of your local professional rainwater experts listed below will help establish the requirements and costs.

  • Complete Enviro Solutions: Ken Higgins Mobile: 0429 028 285
  • Water Capture: Mark Harland: Mobile 0414457244
  • Watercraft: Gareth Almond: Mobile 0419 040742
  • Water Installations: Dr. Ross Mars: Ph 9295 6263

Ken Higgins
GWIG Vice Chairperson
Complete Enviro Solutions

Mark Harland
GWIG Treasurer
Water Capture

Dr Ross Mars
GWIG Member
Water Installations

Gareth Almond
GWIG Member

About The Author

Ken Higgins

Ken is a director of Complete Enviro Solutions (CES), a Western Australian owned family business founded in 2008 that provides a unique “one-stop shop” of consulting, sales and installation in the sectors of energy and water saving initiatives. We believe there needs to be a balance between these, which can be achieved through skilful and careful planning. Our mission is to provide sustainable products and services in an efficient and cost-effective manner to reduce the amount of energy and water consumed in residential homes and businesses. CES has supplied and installed all the rainwater systems in Landcorp’s White Gum Valley Project and consulted on the supply and installation of the greywater system installed at Bethanie’s Aged Care facility in Gwelup. CES has installed numerous other rainwater and greywater systems to individual homes as well as solar power systems including commercial applications. CES was responsible for the supply and installation of solar hot water systems to the City of Vincent.