Mark’s House – greywater in a new home – Greyflow PS Self Clean System

Perth and the surrounding areas are the perfect place for home owners to be utilising the benefits of a Greywater System.

Our climate has many dry summer months with virtually no rainfall. We have long hot Summers in Perth. Watering restrictions mean we can only use automatic watering systems two days a week. Not only that but our long term average rainfall is decreasing. If more people take control of their homes water usage we could avoid building another desalinisation plant.

Perth people have embraced solar pv systems on their roof, why, well one reason is we can avoid having to build another coal fired power station. Another reason is we love the thought of embracing natures energy. With water in the home we can capture rainwater for usage inside the home to flush toilets and run washing machines. Greywater is using the homes water a second time to go on our garden plants. We don’t need drinking quality water on our garden beds.


A Greywater diversion system that is connected to your Bathroom and Laundry will send that shower/bath water and washing machine water directly to your gardens every time you shower or wash clothes.

In Perth we have the best available Greywater systems in the World. AWWS, Advanced Waste Water Systems, also known as the Greyflow systems have won many awards. Owned and operated by Sam Milani, he has a factory in Malaga. His systems are now exported to many countries around the world and they are continually being improved as the Industry grows. The warranty and back up service provided by AWWS is unsurpassed. We are very lucky in Perth to have Sam and his products, his knowledge on Greywater is sought after widely.


A new home in Beaconsfield, near Fremantle, has recently installed a Greyflow PS Self clean system. This is a below ground unit suitable for bathroom and laundry and the most common system used in Perth for new homes.

The Builder’s kit was installed during the build process when the Plumber’s did the drainage works.

After building completion the rest of the system was installed. Pump, Cabinet on the wall with the controller and air blower. A 300 watt pump was used, a medium size suitable for most homes.

Dripline irrigation was then positioned to the garden beds to irrigate the new plants.



A newly established garden using only greywater

As shower and laundry water enters the Greyflow system a float is activated at the high level mark. The pump is then activated to send this water to the dripline irrigation.

On every 20th cycle of the pump a self cleaning operation is activated. Air is blown below the filter and sends dirty particulates to the sewer.

Emitters on the dripline spaced at 30 cm intervals provide an even dispersal of greywater to the plants. Approximately 100 lineal metres of dripline has been set up in a grid pattern, with new plants positioned near the dripline emitters.

Maintenance of this system will be required at a minimum of yearly. Preferably the dripline should be flushed out and the filter cleaned 6 monthly to prolong the systems life.



A new Build House using greywater

Mark's House - Greywater System and Installation Cost

The Greyflow PS Self clean system with 300 watt pump$2550
Irrigation dripline, fittings and pipework $500
Plumbers to install Builder’s kit unit into drainage works $500
Labour to set up the Finishing Kit and Irrigation $1000
Powerpoint $200
City of Fremantle fees ($236 fee refunded on inspection) $0
Drawings and Plans (by home owner) $0

I love using Grey water in my garden because it allows me to minimise the use of scheme water in our garden watering regime with only small changes to the type of cleaning products we use in our laundry and bathroom. It also allows me peace of mind every time I take a shower knowing the water isn’t just going down the drain but directly into my beloved garden. 

Andrew Beck
Sustainable Garden Design Perth

Having Greywater go to my garden means my plants get watered every day of the year when I’m home. The water savings in summer are huge. Installing a greywater system at my own new build was a must, along with a Rainwater tank. Putting these systems in during the build process is easy compared to retrofitting, and generally cheaper. ‘Water Capture’ sell, install and service Greywater systems in Perth. 

Mark Harland
Water Capture

WaterCraft service a lot of greywater systems across the metro area and see many gardens thriving on the use of greywater. Frequent watering with traces of soap and nutrients works really well for plants on poor sandy soils. But just as you wouldn’t expect your mains water retic system to run for years without any attention, don’t expect your greywater system to keep running without a service!

Gareth Almond

About The Author

Mark Harland

Mark has owned and operated ‘Water Capture’ since 2005. With a background in Agricultural Business, a farm upbringing near Esperance, and a keen awareness of the environment, Mark started ‘Water Capture’ with the aim of helping people reduce their dependency on Mains water. Now based in Fremantle their focus is on Greywater systems and Rainwater Tanks. Installations to old homes, new homes, schools, public buildings and mine sites have provided many challenges and a lot of satisfaction over the years. With a wealth of knowledge and experience and a strong connection to their suppliers and manufacturers Water Capture can provide solutions to help you with your water savings.