Cost of greywater system and installation

Indicative costs

The table below sets out indicative costs to supply and install various types of greywater reuse systems for a typical home. It includes cost ranges for pumped greywater diversion devices (GDD) and also greywater treatment systems (GTS) for both garden-only and in- house use. Installations outside the Perth metropolitan area may also incur additional costs, for example due to travel and freight charges.

Greywater Prices

TypeGDD (pumped)GTS
Purchase Price $750 (6) - $2,500 (7)$8,000-$10,000
Installation (unit only)(8)$250-$1,000 $1,500-$4,000
Install dripline (40-50m) $750-$1,000 N/A as used in-house or to sprinklers
Retrofit plumbing (1-2 fixtures)(9)$400-$1,000$400-$2,000 (10)
Greywater-ready plumbing (laundry, new house) $200-$500 See below
Greywater-ready plumbing (whole house, new) $750-$1,500 $750-$1,500
LGA fees (11) $240 $240
Consultancy fees to assess sites and prepare application to council with plans $100-$500 $100-$500

(6) A smaller system scaled for a laundry or similar
(7)  A larger system that would handle the whole house
(8)  Scale of installation costs will vary with unusual soil or ground conditions and the size of the greywater system
(9)  There are often site-specific factors such as ease of access to the drainage lines on retrofits
(10)  Additional cost for the GTS is due to the pump and pressure line requirements.
(11)  Some council waive or reimburse the fee, which is set by State Government.

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