GWIG – Greywater & Wastewater Industry Group

GWIG is a non-profit organisation which was formed in late 2010 in order to provide a united voice for a WA industry that is largely unsupported and under-acknowledged for the important work that it does.

We have developed a number of aims to enhance community awareness and increase the uptake of wastewater re-use in all its forms.

GWIG is working towards a responsible, sustainable use of water in Western Australia and promoting the re-use of wastewater through education, public promotions and professional development, for residential, large-scale industrial and commercial premises.

Minister for Water Dave Kelly MP with GWIG members Celebrating the release of THE West Australian Greywater Guide

The Minister for Water Dave Kelly MP at Murdoch University holding the newly released West Australian Greywater Guide. From left to right:
GWIG Chairperson Stewart Dallas
The Minister for Water Dave Kelly MP
GWIG Member Dr Ross Mars
GWIG Vice Chairperson Ken Higgins

The West Australian Greywater Guide Has now been Released

CLICK HERE to read more about the Greywater Guide and download it.

To read the Minister for Water's Facebook Post CLICK HERE.

Perth faces a drought of action over water use - article by Stewart Dallas

Perth’s water managers have declared that the city will be a leading “waterwise” city by 2030 but there is a lot of work to do to reach that goal, given that Perth has the second-highest per capita water consumption of any Australian capital city.

WA's Estimated Population in 2031


Solve a problem for your kids & grandkids with greywater & wastewater re-use.





Stewart Dallas
GWIG Chairperson
Murdoch University

Ken Higgins
GWIG Vice Chairperson
Complete Enviro Solutions

Mark Harland
GWIG Treasurer
Water Capture

Dr Ross Mars
GWIG Member
Water Installations

Gareth Almond
GWIG Member

Anthony Smith
GWIG Member
Eco Wastewater Solutions

Martin Anda
GWIG Member
Murdoch University

Andrew Okines
GWIG Member
Vacuum Toilets Australia

GWIG Member

David Williams
GWIG Member

AWWS GreyFlow
GWIG Member
Advanced Waste Water Systems

Mel Biggs
GWIG Member
Aquarius Wastewater Systems

I have been lucky enough to have had a greywater system in our Hami Hill Sustainable Home since 2011. As a family of five we have worked the system pretty hard and I have been amazed at the reliability and efficiency of the system as well as just how readily my landscape has adapted and even thrived through the use of greywater. Plants that I had originally thought might struggle with greywater – Grevilleas, citrus, fruit trees and Hakeas – have all responded really well and our soil continues to build and improve under this greywater regime.

When I think that this system has saved me hundreds of thousands of litres of scheme water, not too mention fertiliser and that is essentially a hassle free system, I couldn’t imagine a scenario where greywater was not front and centre in my water efficiency regime.

Chris Ferreira
The Forever Project 

Chris Ferreira - The Forever Project