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The following files are provided in PDF format.
These guidelines cover all plumbing details required for the efficient installation of residential greywater reuse systems, i.e. to make them ‘greywater-ready’. It is also useful information for anyone intending to retrofit an existing home.
Greywater Industry Group Position Statement
The objective of this Code is to assist in the promotion of acceptable long-term greywater reuse and promote conservation of our quality ground and surface water supplies without compromising public health.
Lists all Greywater Reuse Systems (both Diversion Devices and Treatment Systems) that are approved for installation in Western Australia. This list is updated regularly.
This fact sheet provides information and guidance on how to safely use greywater diversion devices (GDD) for watering the home garden via sub-surface irrigation.
This brochure from Lanfax Labs in NSW compares the amount of key chemicals (sodium & phosphorus) discharged in laundry wastewater.
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