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First Greywater Irrigation Systems Installers Course

Article from Irrigation Australia (WA Region) magazine 'The Overflow'

In September 2012 the first Greywater Irrigation System Installers course was run in Perth as a collaboration between Irrigation Australia and the Greywater Industry Group(GWIG). It was a very successful full day course which included the fundamentals of greywater irrigation design and regulatory approvals, and included site visits to inspect two local operational systems. The course was attended by 17 people principally from the irrigation and landscape industries and was well received with plans now to run another course in 2013.

Who is GWIG you may be wondering. The Greywater Industry Group formed in late 2010 and is a non-profit organisation made up of industry professionals such as designers, manufacturers and installers of greywater systems, as well as consultants, researchers and service organisations to the plumbing trade. GWIG's mission statement is simple - it is to actively promote the safe and reliable installation of greywater reuse systems through legislative change to achieve greater water savings in our community.

Since its inception GWIG has been very proactive in raising its profile and is now recognised by the Departments of Water and Health as the leading industry association in all matters concerning greywater. The Greywater Irrigation System Installers course was the first formal professional development initiative that GWIG has run and is likely to be one of many more to be held in conjunction with industry partner Irrigation Australia.

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