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Welcome to the Greywater & Wastewater Industry Group

The Greywater Industry Group was formed in late 2010. It is a non-profit organisation made up of industry professionals such as designers, manufacturers and installers of greywater systems, as well as consultants, researchers and service organisations to the plumbing trade. In 2014 we changed our name to reflect the fact that we also represent those working in the wastewater sector.

Our members have come together in a spirit of co-operation as one voice to government, the public and the regulators. GWIG provides a forum to discuss issues of importance to the water industry, and to communicate and promote the industry’s views by providing leadership and support through effective advocacy, collaboration and professional development.

The expertise and experience of its membership enables the industry to rapidly respond and address current and emerging issues in public health and water quality, as well as to provide advice on industry best practice.

Mission Statement

The Greywater & Wastewater Industry Group actively promotes the safe and reliable installation of greywater reuse systems through legislative change to achieve greater water savings in our community.

What's New?

In the Library:

Residential Greywater-Ready Plumbing Guidelines June 2013

Our Members

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Efficient Water Use/Reuse Systems

WaterCraft logo
Rainwater capture and greywater reuse to conserve your home's most precious resource

Water & Energy Efficiency Solutions

Graf Plastics
Manufacturer of Innovative Rainwater, Stormwater & Wastewater Products

Aquarius Logo 0411
Wastewater Management Systems

JBA Logo (horiz) high res JPG - revised greenLandscape. Sustainability. Communications

Water Capture Logo 18 April 2011
Greywater & Rainwater

Eco Wastewater Solutions
Expert wastewater solutions for the domestic and commercial sectors in WA

Industry Research & Education

Greywater & Rain Harvesting

AWWS grey flow logo
Greywater Diversion Systems

vacuum toilets australia gwig
Vacuum Toilet Systems

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